26 April 2010

New Year's resolution

As of April 26, today, I am makinga New Year's Resolution. This is not late, just arbitrary. on the principle that the the "beginning" of the year is more or less arbitrary, and that different cultures and religions and whatnot celebrate the New Year at different times, this is a New Year's Resolution. the length of the year is also going to be arbitrary. I will see how long the resolution lasts and declare that to be the length of the New Year, relatively speaking, that is, relative to the resolution.
so what is the resolution? To write Blogs more frequently.
I have found recently that there have been some people who have even looked at my Blog, and in order to give the odd browser something to browse, I will start to do some more writing on the blog.
topics that I want to address are
the strange death of Eugene Terre Blanche
Why the Sacred Discourse of American Race theory is not relevant to South Africa...
More on sex, of course.
Probably more on healing and the above all,
The Burden of Irony (or why are we so ironic all the time? )
ha ha.